The Blog:
An Abundance of Books was started in June 2010 as a Young Adult book review blog and a place for me to talk about my great love: books and the publishing industry. Most of the posts are reviews of YA novels and news about upcoming titles, but I may review adult books if I think they have YA crossover potential. The blog will also contain recent publishing and book news pertaining to YA and the publishing world at large.

Publishers, Authors, Publicists, etc:
If you would like to have An Abundance of Books review a book, host a giveaway, or do an interview, please contact me at sarahschmalzer@gmail.com. Please note I accept ARCs and published books. I do not accept unpublished manuscripts, self-published works, self-help books, or ebooks. Thank you for your interest in An Abundance of Books!

The Blogger: (Sarah S)
I recently finished my Master's in Publishing from Portland State University where I studied all things publishing and YA. I've recently rediscovered YA lit and have become obsessed with everything that's going in YA right now.

Contact Info:
Email: sarahschmalzer@gmail.com
Twitter: s_schmalz

Review Scale:

Get this book immediately and begin reading = amazing, amazing, amazing; read it now
Add to the top of your to-read pile = really good, a definite must read

Add to your to your to-read pile = good, recommend
Move to the bottom of your to-read pile = not all that great, not recommended
Remove from your to-read pile = terrible, do not bother reading