Monday, October 25, 2010

I Won an Award!

OCD about Books recently gave me an award! Thank you so much and I'm excited to pass along the award to other bloggers I've recently discovered.

What to do:

1.Thank and link back to the person that gave this award.
2.Answer the 10 survey questions.
3.Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic. (I'm only passing it on to 2 bloggers because I have been terrible lately about checking out other blogs, sorry)
4.Contact the bloggers you’ve picked to let them know about the award.

  1. If you blog anonymously are you happy doing it that way; if you are not anonymous do you wish you had started out anonymously so you could be anonymous now? I have never blogged anonymously; it never even crossed my mind do so. It's important to me to have my readers know who I am.
  2. Describe one incident that shows your inner stubborn side: I am obsessed with figuring out a new way to arrange the furniture in my living room, but there's just not another way to arrange things that makes sense. I keeping trying though, about once a month I rearrange all the furniture and then put it back after I realize I can't open the door or there's no plug for the light.
  3. What do you see when you really look at yourself in the mirror?  hhhmmmm, I have looked about the same since I was thirteen, so I still see teenage me, but feel nothing like teenage me. It's odd.
  4. What is your favorite summer cold drink?  iced sun tea
  5. When you take time for yourself, what do you do? Read and drink a glass of wine in a bubble bath
  6. Is there something you still want to accomplish in your life? What is it? I have tons of things I still want to do; I'm only in my early twenties, so I have all kinds of time yet. But my big goal is to open my own publishing house.
  7. When you attended school, were you the class clown, the class overachiever , the shy person, or always ditching?  The shy, artsy, overachiever.
  8. If you close your eyes and want to visualize a very poignant moment of your life what would you see? I know it kind of lame and overly romantic, but I think of dancing with my hubby at our wedding.
  9. Is it easy for you to share your true self in your blog or are you more comfortable writing posts about other people or events?  I think it's pretty easy for me to just be myself in my blog. I've always felt I was better at expressing my thoughts in written form.
  10. If you had the choice to sit down and read or talk on the phone, which would you do and why? Of course I'd pick reading

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  1. Thank you so much, Sarah! I'm thrilled to have won my first blog award!