Friday, September 17, 2010

Beautiful Covers (2)

"Beautiful Covers" posts contain covers (about 5) that I absolutely love. The books will likely not be ones I have read; I won't talk much, if at all, about the content of books; they may be new, old, or upcoming titles. The point is just to present beautifully created covers and talk about why I like them. Please join in and tell me if you agree or if you think any of the covers are just awful. For more about Beautiful Covers check out my first post here.

So creepy; I love it!
Why I love it:
The creepiness -- the image itself isn't necessarily creepy or scary, but when you combine it with those blues and greens and the font, oh it's creepy alright
The font -- I just love this font, all lowercase, the weird detailing, especially on the "l"s, it just works so well
The layout -- the very linear image really works here, it completes the uneasy mood

From far away this cover is so hard to figure out and once you get up close it's still hard to really figure out. It's just so interesting
Why I love it:
The lack of color -- I really the lack of intense color here; there's pink and purple, but they are so subdued; this is what really makes the image so hard to read
The negative space -- the white space is just as interesting as the actual image; this is why I really love this cover!
The imagery -- for some reason I just love the dark butterfly images coming out of the flowers; I don't know what it is, but I'm really drawn to it

The darkness combined with the gold patterning just really draws you in, especially since you can't see the girl's face.
Why I love it:
The image -- I love that you can't see her face and her position is so odd, plus that tattoo, oh it's just gorgeous
The colors -- black covers are very popular right now, but this one seems different to me, probably because of all the delicate golden patterning, it makes the cover so pretty and a bit frightening and foreboding at the same time
Everything just comes together so well in this cover; I think I have to read it. 

Another beautiful black cover. This whole series is just so beautiful, check out the next book here!
Why I love it:
The layout -- everything works perfectly together: the colors, the fonts, the images, it all comes together to create a strange beautiful image
The colors -- that blue against the black, oohhh so pretty; how could you not pick up this book?!
The image -- the blue flower right in the center just draws you right in; it's so beautiful and strange and alluring all at the same time!

Let's end on a fun one. I have been so excited about this book for the past several months; I didn't know too much about it, but I loved the cover. It is amazing read too, review to come very soon!
Why I love it:
The layout --  the giant letters across the cover in bright yellow are just so strange and funky, and the half-face and bubble-gum just add to that vibe
The title treatment -- this book as such an odd title,which could easily create a boring or too clutter cover, but by creating huge letters with the words inside them these potential issues are all resolved into a beautiful and interesting package
The bubble-gum -- I know it's weird to talk about how I love the gum, but I do; the girl just looks so bored and gum just adds to that "I'm bored and possibly highly sarcastic" look, which fits so perfectly with the main character's personality

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