Friday, September 10, 2010

Beautiful Covers (1)

I will be starting a reoccurring post about beautiful covers. My goal is for these posts to occur every Friday.  These posts will contain covers (about 5) that I absolutely love. The books will likely not be ones I have read; I won't talk much, if at all, about the content of books; they may be new, old, or upcoming titles. The point is just to present beautifully created covers and talk about why I like them. Please join in and tell me if you agree or if you think any of the covers are just awful.

So let's get started:

I just came across this book and not only is the cover super eye-catching, the book sounds super interesting and original. I will definitely be picking this one up when it comes out next year.
Why I love it: 
Half covered face, staring right at you -- totally draws you in
The orange-y-red -- also very eye-catching and well spread throughout the image, so your eye travels around it
The abstract graphic element in the right corner -- interesting added little element of orange-y-red that works perfectly with the title and the image of the girl
The title font -- love all lowercase when it's used well, and here it's definitely used well

So freaking gorgeous! The colors, the image, the graphic elements, oooo just so pretty. I think this might be my new favorite cover.
Why I love it:
The odd graphic elements -- the lines and circles all lead your eyes around the image, highlighting the girl's face, her hands, and the bird, with only the "W" of Wither in a square (ooohhh, so perfect)
The girl -- her pose, her crazy hair, her dress: it's all beautiful and interesting and mysterious at the same time
The colors -- the dark blues, yellowish-greens, and the pink type and graphics play so well together; each element stands out without over-shadowing any other
I just can't say enough good things about this cover -- it's amazingly freaking gorgeous! 

This is one of my all-time favorite covers.
Why I Love It:
The layout -- author's name medium sized along the top with the title just above the girl's head (ooohh amazing) and the girl just staring straight at you; it's perfect
The title font and color -- it's just like a "sold" stamp, so fitting and creepy and sad; the red just adds to this and plays so well with the yellow background and the sepia toned portrait
The girl -- her partially covered face, the sepia tone, her eyes just staring right at you totally and completely draw you in to the book; there's no way you're going to walk past this without looking twice.
Everything about this cover works with the content inside and to draw you in

This cover is just so different from anything else I've seen lately.
Why I love it:
The layout -- although there are other silhouette/profile images on covers this one really feels different; the angle and the boy coming from the top of the cover is just so interesting
The starry space image -- the whole star where the "i" is image could look really lame, but here it seems to work; it's the only bright spot on the bottom half, drawing you into the title; plus the starry image blends so well with the girl's
The white space -- I love the white space around the two faces; it creates such interesting shapes

I know almost nothing about this book, but I came across the cover and became very intrigued. 
Why I Love it:
The simplicity -- the clean single image really focuses your attention to the title and the snowflake; will stand out against many of the other busier YA covers
The colors -- black covers are really popular right now (thanks to Twilight), but I don't really love a lot of them, but this one is so well done; the gold elements stand out perfectly
The fonts -- since the imagery is so simple the fonts and text placements really have to carry more visual interest, which they do; the use of two different fonts helps with this as well; I really love the title font


  1. Those covers are absolutely gorgeous. I'm a new follower. :)

  2. Thanks for following Ashley and glad you love the covers too!

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  4. I love the covers for Iron Witch and Entangled-- which I'm really excited about! I'm a new follower and I love your blog. I'm trying to start a new YA book blog myself--it's called A Myriad of Books. The similarity in the two titles is how I found your blog. :) Do you mind if I link to your blog in a side panel for related blogs?