Friday, December 17, 2010

Beautiful Covers (3): A Change

I've only done a couple posts about "Beautiful Covers" and my original intention was to just talk briefly about a few covers (usually 5) once a week, but I have a lot more to say about the covers than just a few lines. So Beautiful Covers will now feature just one cover and be every other Friday. 

Anna's first series, The Luxe, all have pretty amazing covers, but I like this one a lot more. This one just screams 1920s, while the other series covers were beautiful I don't think they said as much about the time period like this one does. The font, the girl, the outfit, the pose -- it's all so 20s flappers and so gorgeous. I don't always like covers with the main character on the front, but I think this one really works. The girl's posture and her look really set a mood for the cover that would be difficult to do without having a person on the cover. Plus her pose and appearance don't tell you too much about the story; it just works to make you want to pick it up. Beyond the girl and image itself, I really love the fonts. They really work to enforce and enhance the 20s theme and the placement is really nice. Just big letters right over the image. Simple with the more complex image in the background.

I can't wait to see what the next covers in the series will look like.

Thoughts on Bright Young Things?

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